D-MAX D1SPEC Pillow Tension Rod Offset type

Parts that increase the turning angle, such as machined knuckles, are structural problems of the vehicle, and even if they do not interfere when lifted up or stopped, the tires (wheels) interfere with the tension rod during drifting. It will end up. The tension rod body is offset to allow interference to escape, and an offset collar that is higher than the models that have been lined up in the past is installed as standard to greatly improve the interference value at the maximum turning angle.

■ Turnbuckle adjustment type (Adopts screw pitch 1.25, fine adjustment is possible)

■ Adjustable value 40mm

■ Rod thickness: 14mm strength greatly improved

■ Reinforced type pillow ball used

■ Pillow rubber cover as standard equipment

Dimensions (rod diameter): Rod thickness 14mm Dimensions (pillow outer diameter): 45φ Dimensions (pillow inner diameter): 18φ Compatible models: 180SX / S13 / S14 / S15 / A31 / C33 / C34 / C35: R32 / R33 / Z32 / C34 Stagea / Y32 / Y33 Not compatible: Skyline GT-R / Skyline 4WD Laurel 4WD / Stagea 4WD Y32 / Y33 Cedric Gloria 4WD

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D-MAX / D1SPEC Pillow Tension Rod Offset type

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